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“In 26 years of selling and using fly traps, I have not found a better one than yours. Within a day, the flies are attracted to the lure. I believe after 3 or 4 days, the flies have to take a number to enter the trap. I highly recommend your trap!”   —  Do It Yourself Pest Control/Pro Pest Products

“I’m using the above fly lure at Uptown and I have to say they are exceeding my expectations. All three lures I put out had approximately 4 inches of flies in them (Bottle, Cluster, Blow, Horse flies as well as some smaller species of flies). The directions are very easy to follow. We can use this product at all our accounts (including organic). I used pieces of a metal clothes hanger to hang them from trees, they are easy to move around this way. The technician has to dispose of traps immediately. If you keep them in your truck, you’ll have every fly in the neighborhood around your vehicle. Thanks for letting us pilot the traps for you.” —Hank Hirsch, BCE. RK Environmental Services

“We have been selling the Ecotrap and gotten good results with them. They are equivalent or better than the Rescue Big Bag trap, less expensive, and we highly recommend them. We produce fly parasites that attack the pupa stage of the fly. For a full IPM program, you use strategies for each life stage: manure management for eggs and larva, release fly parasites for pupa, and traps for adults.” — Ron Whitehurst. Rincon-Vitova Insectiaries

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